Clean Biz Network Lead Generation Service

Here’s How It Works!

  • We handle the cold call script

  • We create a list of leads to call for you

  • We provide you with your appointment(s) by your deadline date

  • We schedule the appointments for you and send the notification directly to your email

  • Guaranteed appointments or your money back!Exclusive appointments sent ONLY to you!

  • No recycled leads or competing against other companies for the same appointment. You just show up and close the deal!


What if I am not available on the date that the appointment was scheduled? Once we schedule an appointment for you, you are provided with all of the lead’s contact information, so you can contact them and reschedule if needed. Also, we usually schedule the appointments at least 2 days out from the day that we notify you of the appointment to allow you enough time to make any necessary arrangements.

Do you provide appointments in my area? Yes, as long as you’re located in the United States, we can get bid appointments scheduled for you!

How soon after I purchase can I expect to start receiving appointments? Due to the heavy demand for this service, it usually takes about 3 weeks from the day that you purchasefor you to receiveyour first appointment; however, our guarantee is to provide you with all of your guaranteed appointments by your deadline date. So even though it may take us a little while to get started, we will definitely deliver your appointments to your email address on time!

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